Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wes, meet Sam

Saturday was a most memorable day... not only did I meet my dear friend Kelley's son Sam, but I got to introduce him to Wes as well! This day was a long time coming; I have been waiting to meet this little man for over almost 2 years now! You see, Kel and I were pregnant at the same time, we walked much the same road to motherhood. I was so honored to finally meet her beautiful baby. I'm crying a bit as I write this- he is such an amazing guy, and knowing that Kelley (and Geoff) love Samuel as much as I love Wes makes me well up... having gone through trying and pregnancy and birth along with Kelley has deepened my respect for her- and having one of my own makes knowing how she feels about her son overwhelming! This having kids thing is so deep- who knew there were all these other "levels" to life?! I am so glad for them as a family and so awed by their baby boy... Sam is one special little munchkin
Kelley and I have tried and talked about getting the boys together for a while now, carving out time has been difficult... but I wanted so badly to meet Sam! Having Kelley to lean on and talk to during my pregnancy was great. We were both wishing and hoping and suffering in our attempts to get pregnant and then when we both found out we were expecting she was just a few weeks ahead of me. Always just one step ahead it was almost a little odd how our paths mirrored each other. I was so glad to have a sounding board, an ear to pick and another new Mom's heart to share. I was lucky to have someone else going through so many of the same things, being able to share experiences and just to talk things through with was such a big help and comfort.

Our little bundles are both here- happy and healthy and we are about as lucky as two new Moms could be. The boys were adorable together and I can't wait to watch them grow, and knowing that Wes and Sam will always have each other is amazing. Like it or not, these guys were bonded before birth; they will always be a part of each other's lives. This was just the beginning of their relationship... sorry Sam- you are stuck with me!

We had a nice long visit, meeting at the Crowley's home in Saugus. We had time to sit and catch up, to play with each other's baby and get acquainted. We had a lovely lunch, and were able to enjoy the beautiful day with a walk along some great nature trails that Kel is familiar with. Lauren and Geoff and Kelley and I pushed and carried the boys along and I couldn't hep but smile... there were some times I thought I'd never get here... some times I cried for Kel and Geoff and wondered where their road was going... but this day made it all worth while~ these two little boys don't know how lucky they are... these two Moms wanted these two boys so very much.
And Sam, I'm so glad to have met you! I loved you when you were in your Mommy's belly, and I love you now. Knowing you makes my love for Wes that much deeper~ what am amazing blessing you are to your Mom and Dad. I can't wait to watch you grow, to see who you become! I promise I won't let so much time pass before we visit again little man.


  1. Oh Alex - you are the best! I am totally crying over my keyboard right now :) Thanks so much for putting it all into writing - it means so much to me and we are so lucky to have you and Wes to grow together with. We both had quite a ride to get here, but the best part is that we were able to help each other through the downs and double-celebrate the ups :) It was so wonderful to see you and meet Wes - he is really amazing - the perfect addition to your family and such a spectacular and adorable little guy!

  2. Look at those two chunky boys!! They are both super adorable!!

    And Happy Late Birthday!! Sorry I missed it, I've been out of the loop for a while.

    I can't believe how big Wes has gotten!!!