Friday, May 28, 2010

What else have we been up to?!

So, we have been pretty busy 'round here! Olivia turned 13 this week- her party will be this weekend but she did go out to dinner with Auntie on her actual b-day as we had the end of the year awards ceremony with Savanna's troop. I've been with some of these girls for 4 years, it's hard to believe another scout season has come and gone! They all got presented with their awards, and we had a potluck dessert party. Certainly wasn't on my diet plan, but things there are going so slowly I didn't feel too badly sampling some of the goodies. I've got to be better- I really won't loose this way!
My clematis out the back slider are blooming. I didn't get any shots of my tulips or daffodils, but they have come and gone! I love these blue flowers; they came from the clearance section at Walmart of all places a handful of seasons back. They are actually two different varieties and don't match, plus I just stuck them in the ground next to the foundation with no prep of the soil or anything. I didn't expect much from the scraggly plants, but they have done so well despite the harsh conditions here by the door! My hope is that we can train them to go up and over... we are getting closer to the top this year. They are really beautiful in bloom right now.
The horses are back on pasture and loving it! They escaped twice in the first few days so had to be locked back down here. After checking fence lines and gates I think we have the problem solved... nothing like seeing them stroll by the windows at 11pm! Beau and I have gone on a few nice rides lately- this past week it was so hot- but my pal Linda only works 1/2 days on Wednesdays so despite the heat we went out to explore a new trail. Over on Hansen's Ridge Rd. there is a cool town hiking trail- we were out for an hour or so and have a ton more to explore! The boys were great, it was hot but tolerable and the bugs were actually not too bad! My goal is to try to ride a minimum of 3 times a week... I've been on twice this week, so doing well on that front!
Wes managed ok in the heat- it was pretty unusual for us. We hit 90 two days in a row and were stuck in the humid 80s on either end of the week! May in Maine shouldn't be like this! I had him in a Tupperware tub on the deck one afternoon. The container is just bigger then a shoebox and filled with about 2 inches of cool water it was heaven for that little boy! He had a lot of naked time to beat the heat, we tried to stay cool in the shade on the deck in the evenings~ a nice cool breeze was refreshing! We had to find new ways to entertain him... including some card games with sissy!
Hum, what else? Billy got a home haircut, I buzzed the clippers over his head one evening- it doesn't look too bad... All three kids (and Bill too) had dental cleanings in the past 2 weeks... Olivia did her final evening volunteering at the soup kitchen... Bill and Billy went up to the cabin to help my Dad try to get his well figured out... Well, lets just say things here have been busy! We are closing in on summer vacation... just a few more weeks to go! Hum, I wonder... will we get more or less busy when school lets out...?

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