Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This was a week of milestones! On Monday Wes really laughed. He has been chuckling and giggling for a few weeks now- but Monday as I was getting him dressed I was pretending to bite his belly. I was sort of taking little nips at him with my lips and twice the really laughed out loud! He did it twice, and has not done it since but I'm calling that his official first!
And then today, while having our morning tummy time he rolled over! He went front to back over his right arm to get closer to me. I had positioned myself off to one side and was talking to him. I clapped and cheered and gave him big kisses then put him right back where he was. He went right on and did it again! He got more cheers and hugs and then when Daddy came out of the bathroom and we had the camera ready he just laid there and started to cry like he does when he is done with his tummy time. So, boo. I didn't get it on film, but I'll try again later and see if we have more luck. So, where it was twice, with clear intent I'm calling this a first as well!
2 major milestones in one week... my little guy is growing up!


  1. Love it!! Yeah for Wes - and what an awesome outfit - he looks so handsome! :)

  2. Oh my, I think the hat is better than rolling and laughing, lol!!