Monday, May 24, 2010

Camporee 2010

This weekend was Girl Scout Camporee~ I've been thinking about Wes and the camping trip... I was quite torn about what to do. As a troop leader, I felt pretty obligated to attend! Plus, as much as I whine and complain... it really is fun (sort of) to watch the girls explore and enjoy the weekend. But, then again, it's a big responsibility to take other people's kids for 3 days... then add a 4 month old on top of that... I really couldn't decide what to do. After thinking on it a while, my final decision had been to plan on going and bringing Wes with me (unless the weather was supposed to be miserable) We got a Mom to go with us, so we would have extra hands. If we were going to get rain I would stay home and drive up for the day Saturday. In my head I had the back up plan to go and sleep in my car if Wes didn't like the tent, or worse case to drive home or to Cindi's or Conway if it got dicey in the night... Well, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend! We went up to camp Pondicherry on Friday afternoon, made camp and got supper together just as it was getting dark. Wes and the girls were great! Some of these girls had gone to other camporees, some were going for the first time... we really couldn't have asked for 12 better girls! They were awesome all weekend. As 4th graders, they have grown up so much- helpful and kind... really able to do so much on their own.
They are all so into Wes. It was, at times, a bit overwhelming. I had a dozen mother's helpers... "Can I hold him?" "Can I push the stroller?" By Sunday I was pretty tired of having 3 or 4 girls hovering over me at all times. But, seriously. If that was all I had to complain about, I guess I shouldn't complain!
The committee had done a good job of planning activities. The girls got the rotations they wanted. They played some field games, canoed and fun-yaked, swam, did crafts and learned about archery. We cooked on the campfire, had a sing-along and really enjoyed the nature! It was a beautiful weekend, not too buggy (which I was worried about) but a little chilly at night. Wes and I had our own tent... just in case he was fussy- I slept in a sleeping bag with another blanket on top. I had him triple layered in blankets, in fleece pjs and a sleep sac. I worried about him sleeping in a hat, so took it off the first night. He did well, never really fussing at all. I never even entertained the thought of leaving or sleeping in the car. People kept telling me what a good baby he was- I am so proud of him! Certainly a trip for the baby book...

Now that our troop is at the Junior level- there are so many more opportunities for them at Camporee- it was cool to see them get out on the water in the boats and to shoot bows and arrows... We went all over the camp zig zagging to our activities- Saturday was very busy. We were off and running before 9 (after cooking pancakes and bacon on the camp stove) and not back to our site until 5:30 for hamburgers and hot dogs. I was pooped, it's a lot to carry and remember keeping 12 kids on track with all their belongings not to mention all that Wes needs. Thank goodness for my stroller. I carried a backpack and loaded up the jeep and we just went off for the day!

I guess I should have known that Wes was going to be fine. The outdoors, and people. Two of his favorite things combined! He was such a champ, getting passed around and poked and pulled on. He just ate it all up! He didn't want to nap. You could tell he knew if he slept he might miss something... he kept dozing off, then after 1/2 hour or so he would wake up and want to be back in the middle... he wasn't going to miss a second if he could help it!

I think this was one of the best Girl Scout events I've been to. The other leaders, and Mom who were there were great. Everyone was so helpful pulling together when I needed to focus on Wes and offering arms for the baby when the girls needed my attention. I am so lucky to run the troop with them! We did the math, and Wes was actually "at" camporee last year... it's just that none of us knew it yet! This was the 4th Camporee for Savanna and Olivia (there with her troop- in a different camp site) and I think they both enjoy it more and more each year! A weekend in the woods with your friends, what could be better?! Maybe having a cute baby brother there to show off?!


  1. that looked like so much fun!!!! course Wes would be great, you can already tell he's an "outdoors man"... so glad the weather was awesome (certainly is today!!!).... keeep those wonderful blogs coming....

  2. Looks like such a fantastic weekend!! I love the photo of you and Wes and all the ones of him hanging out with the girls :)