Sunday, May 9, 2010

Survivor's Day

Savanna and I attended an all day Scout event yesterday- it was an outdoors/camping themed day with various rotations of activities and such. It was held at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds (a bit over an hour drive) and I left Wes home for the day as I was forcasted to be cold and rainy. It was a pretty miserable day weather wise, but we had a great time, did a lot of neat stuff and learned a few new things.
In our outdoor cooking class, we learned that you can bake muffins in hollowed out orange peels. I was trying to stick to my diet, so only had one bite (mostly because it was warm and smelled so good as I stood there shivering!) but Savanna made a big dramatic show when I *made* her try it! She fussed and made it much worse for herself and after finally swallowing it, deemed it disgusting! I did think it was a very cool campfire cooking technique.

Among other things we did a yoga workshop, which was one of Savanna's top choices for the day. She had fun, the instructor was way into it and it was a pretty rough workout! She certainly didn't "dumb it down" for the girls. We went full force for an hour and a half... we did all sorts of poses, and she didn't stop at all. The other leader and I were laughing about how much our abs were killing after the workout!

In addition to yoga and cooking we also made a fishing kit (they had to sew the pouch and them made lines and a rough pole to use) and did relay races and a sing along session where we learned campfire songs. We also did a knot tying workshop. Savanna and I are certainly NOT good at knots! We were cracking ourselves up as we messed up every one and just managed to tangle ourselves up in our ropes! She ended up knotting our wrists together for a bit of the day... it was pretty funny- I was yanking and jerking her all around!

Here is one we finally got... actually we got them all but kept having to ask for help, and I'll never remember how to tie them again... all in all a fun day- but I missed Wes a lot- we were gone over 12 hours and that was too long for me! But, we survived and had fun too~ I think it's a day we will go to again next year... especially if we can get into the self defense class- Savanna was really bummed we didn't make it into that rotation.

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