Sunday, May 16, 2010

5-16-10: Wes- 4 months, or 1/3 of a year

May 16th makes Wes 4 months old! I can't believe he is 1/3 of a year... time is flying! The red face is not from spaghetti sauce or cherry popsicle... its slobber; he is giving himself a nice little rash with all the sucking and slobbering he is doing!
Waited until later in the day to do his shoot, got some afternoon sun in the shot... he has on his cool stripes thirsties wrap. I wanted him to wear a goodmama, but didn't get diaper laundry done in time!

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  1. goodness, isn't the time flying by on both these babies!!!! Wes is just the cutest!!! I love the photos you took of him!!! and look how big he is already compared to his bear!!!! I am still planning on popping in to see you, but it will probably be after we get into this house!!! we just need to get things finished so we can be settled.... it's time, I am getting very anxious to have "my things" again.....