Monday, May 31, 2010


Olivia turned 13! It's hard to believe she is "officially" a teenager now. There has been some of the usual angst and difficulty already, and the passing of May 25th only marked the date not really the "turning" but it's for real now... we are among the many who are parenting teens!
Her celebrations got spread through the week- with diner on her actual birthday with Auntie, then out to lunch and shopping with Grandma on Friday then sleeping over with Auntie that night. Hanging out with Kateri on Saturday- we went out for Lobster at her request. I'm opposed to eating crustaceans... but the two of them really enjoyed dissecting and consuming them. Wes and I just watched!
Sunday she had her family party here at the house then back with Kateri for a sleepover there... fheww. By Monday at the parade you would have thought she was pooped, but nope. At 13 they have all the energy in the world I guess! Happy day (or week in this case) honey!

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