Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shots from Savanna's camera

I downloaded Savanna's camera for her today and found quite a few cute shots of Wes on there! She had a few adorable ones that were a little blurry or a touch out of focus... she joined camera club this fall and had fun with that and got a nice camera for Christmas. It's too bad that some of her picture were not quite right... but these sure were cute. And, I can't believe how big Wes is getting already! I almost don't remember him this small, what fun I had going thru her file looking at him from her point of view:

(man I look wooped! Was I really THAT tired?!)


  1. lol, you look whooped and he looks like he is hanging on for dear life, lol lol lol!!!

  2. Those are fantastic! I love the photo of you two - I can't believe how much he has grown! :)

  3. Girl, I don't think I have ever recovered fully from babies!! lol! I am always whooped!! He is getting big!! The little guy!! Such a cutie!