Monday, March 8, 2010

My new truck

Ok. Ok. OUR new truck! I am so spoiled... last week during the horrible rain storm Bill and I bought a new truck! Our old Silverado was starting to have issues, nothing too major, but a few things here and there creeping up. It was going to cost 5 or 6,000 to get her fixed back up to be safe and comfortable to haul with...
So rather than sink cash into the 2000 model, we upgraded to a 2009! I love her- she is a nice grey a shade or two darker than the last one (I think it goes nicely with the trailer, even though I wanted white) with the full crew cab. We did well with the extended cab, but with the kids getting older, and Olivia so tall- the knee room was important! Plus now they can do their own doors. Bill wanted to stick with an 8 foot bed, but we ended up with the 6, and already we have noticed a difference in the turning radius... nice since the 4 horse is already so long.
We negotiated for the tow package and a plow and mount. I will be super happy hauling the horses and Bill will be thrilled next season to be inside the cab rather than riding the tractor for snow clean up. Going from no payment, back to another car payment is sort of tough, but I think it is well worth it! I already took Beau out and it pulled nicely- what a great rig I've got. I'm so lucky!

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