Monday, March 1, 2010

Storm Update

We lost power on Thursday evening as a real Nor'Easter passed thru the area. We are a bit off the coast and were not hit as hard as they were (90 mile per hours winds!) but we did have flooding and some trees down as the storm brought a driving wind and rain. We spent 48 hours with no power and have a slight bit of clean up to do. One of the only major losses appears to be my computer... it seems to be fried. I have hope that Bill can resurrect it long enough to get my pictures off- because of course I don't have them backed up anywhere...

We managed ok with the power out, as the generator can run a few things at a time. Water for the horses and the deep freeze being most important. By rotating what the generator was running we were able to keep items in the fridge from spoiling, made coffee in the morning and the kids got an hour or so of x-box a day! Auntie and Uncle spend the nights in a hotel and each girl took a turn sleeping with them. Us, we hunkered down with candles and the wood stove and played "Little House on the Prairie."

Billy and I went out to dinner Friday evening. The kids were home from school so Savanna went to work with Bill, Olivia was with Auntie so the two of us (and Wes) went to our favorite Chinese place. I used their hot water to wash baby bottles and we enjoyed a nice meal together. Saturday evening we took Wes to his first movie. He slept right thru Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Lightening thief was pretty good, and since we have a dinner theater it helped to ease the "pain" of the outage. Dinner and a movie was great, and we came home to lights! Yipee

Even though it wasn't as bad as it could have been, we did succumb to some consumer therapy. Bill and I finally took the plunge and made a major purchase... I hope I can get pictures up soon- I am so excited... wind and rain, no electricity...? Time to go shopping!

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