Friday, March 19, 2010

District Chorus Concert

Last week was MSAD 60's Chorus Concert, and since Savanna is a member of the 4th/5th grade chorus here in town we were lucky enough to attend! It was by far the biggest show these kids have been in to date. Our town's chorus is quite small compared to the others, and getting to sing at the high school, up on the risers looking out at a huge tiered auditorium must have been neat.

As usual Savanna "wowed" us with her singing. She really loves music, and gets right into the songs. Since it was a rather large group, there were only a few numbers in the show- each town had a song they did themselves, plus 2 that all the kids sang. They did really well for only having one big group practice!

We really hope Savanna continues to sing- her love of music is so evident when you watch her perform. We are thrilled she has an outlet for her "voice;" she sure does love to be heard!

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