Monday, March 15, 2010

Billy- turns 8

Friday- March 12th was Billy's birthday! It blows my mind that he is 8! It seems like just yesterday that he was the one in diapers! He is growing so fast, he is really starting to become a little man... we are so proud of him! He is doing great at school. He is in the excel math program and right on track with his peers socially-
He didn't want a big party with all the kids from his class, so we opted for our usually "family party" on Friday night. He chose hot dogs for his birthday dinner. He actually wanted "hot dogs and pancakes" but I convinced him that might not be the most appetizing combination- we held off for the pancakes until Saturday morning.
Kaleb spent the night, they stayed up really late and slept in a cool fort built out of blankets in Billy's room. He got some cool games and nerf guns that made for a great time! The boys had a blast, and Saturday we took all the kids (and met Em and Kurt and Jayson) to play laser tag. Billy and Bill had gone with cub scouts and had a great time- so we thought it might be a fun birthday adventure!
The kids all played arcade games and then Kurt and Bill and the other 5 played 2 games of laser tag. When I asked Billy what his favorite birthday gift was- he said "getting to play laser tag!" I guess it was a good birthday! I hope 8 is great for Billy, he is such a good kid; we are so proud of him!

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