Monday, March 29, 2010

Westley- week 10

Another Saturday has come and gone... marking 10 weeks with Wes! Milestones this week?! He hit the 12lb mark went to another movie (awake this time) and discovered that he can reach for toys! What a big boy~

We had some fussy days last week with a bout of constipation. After 3 long, sad days and a consult with his Dr. we opted to increase the water in his milk by about a 1/2oz per scoop of formula. So now he gets 2.5 ozs for each scoop of formula powder and we are back to good again! I was so sad to have him so fussy and obviously unhappy (straining and crying... poor guy was red in the face half the time and clearly uncomfortable) We have things straightened out, which I'm glad about... back to lots of messy diapers again! The next step would have been to take him in for an evaluation and formula change; right now he is on the Similac organic and is happy to eat, so I didn't want to mess with it.

The Daddy Daughter Dance was this weekend. Bill and Savanna were off on Saturday night, so having missed the Mother Son event while I was laid up, Billy and I had planned to see a movie while they were doing the dance. We went to How to Train your Dragon (with Olivia and her friend too) Wes was awake for the whole movie and did really well- he only fussed right towards the end. I walked him up the aisle, and he was fast asleep... he slept the last 5 mins of the movie, I was so impressed with him! What a good baby!
Wes has been very "talky" he is cooing and really beginning to babble. He is sometimes making more then one sound at a time and is quite happy to sit facing you and have a "conversation." He tells us stories, and loves when he gets your full attention and lots of questions! He smiles quite a bit now, we have yet to catch a good one on film, but he is full of expression. He is going to have Bill's super expressive face I think! He has started to reach and try to grab toys. Well, one toy to be exact! We hung a toy with rings in his pack and play and a few days ago he hit is accidentally a few times and noticed that he could make it move. That turned into an exercise in intent. He certainly put it together that he could swing his arm and the toys would move. He is so clever- pretty quickly he was hitting it, and a few times he has even been able to grab and hang on. It won't be too long until everything in his reach will be fair game! Guess we better start to think about baby proofing the place...

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