Monday, March 15, 2010


Savanna needed some picture for a school project, so we were going thru some files... She came across this shot and wanted to know who the baby was... it's Jayson of course! I see a little of Wes in there, surprisingly!
The shot of him and Olivia ticked me, as I had just taken another shot of them last week. They posed for this picture while playing at Billy's birthday- my how they both have grown... what fun they have, and how lucky they are to have such great cousins in each other!
I'm so glad my sister and I live close enough to allow our kids to get together often. My gang have no other cousins around here... none east of Utah actually! Jay and Kaleb are rough and tumble boys for sure, but Olivia is often right there with them; these two had me cracking up in their nerf gear!

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  1. Wow, that's amazing- he looks older than Wes, of course, but still looks like Wes! Daddy thinks the baby shots in your first post are incredible!