Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Savanna and Bill were off to the Daddy Daughter Dance Saturday night. She "danced his legs off!" We found a very pretty blue and green dress that had enough pizazz for her, it wasn't the black/white or violet "theme" that she thought she wanted, but after quite a few stores, it was "flowy" and the right texture (not stiff) and looked like something not every other girl would be wearing... plus she got a pair of high heels to go with it!
Billy and I were planning to go see a movie as we missed the Mother Son bowling event, so we left a bit before the dance. I missed getting a picture of Bill and Savanna together and they didn't think to ask somebody to snap a shot of them. I'll see the professional portraits when they come, but I am sad to miss a cute informal picture. Oh well. Bill wore his suit coat and a new green polo w got to match Savanna's outfit, I thought he looked quite handsome- it was a pretty combo! Bill only has one more Dance to attend; after next year Savanna will be too old... what fun memories he and the girls must have of these events

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