Monday, March 22, 2010

Pine Wood Derby '10

Once again we have a winner! Well, not THE winner, but A winner! Billy placed 3rd in our town's Pine Wood derby allowing him to advance to regionals. He was very happy to have another chance to "win one of those trophies." It was a pretty close race, Billy and another kid actually tied for 2nd place- they had to race each other for 2nd and 3rd place. There was a coin toss and Billy won the choice of lanes; he picked the second lane and they faced off. The fire engine themed car won by a nose and we got the 3rd place slot.

He sat right at the end of the track and watched each run, he did really well and won most of his heats. Our pack has grown, and there was more competition this year, so it made for lots of interesting races. The winning car was pirate themed and very cool! It was built by a new Tiger and his Dad (like us last year.) I was glad they won, the little guy was so happy... it reminded me of Billy at last years race!
So, in a few weeks we will head out early in the morning to spend the day on the bleachers once again watching a zillion little wooden cars whiz down the tracks... and hoping to place at that level. Mostly, however, I hope Billy gets the cheap free-bee frisbee he wanted so badly last year!

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