Friday, March 23, 2012


We had 4 consecutive days of 80 degree weather this week!  We are breaking all sorts of records with this amazing March weather!  I'm not fooled, I know there is more spring to come... but it certainly has been a nice taste!  We did have some mud, but its drying quickly.  Now, as long as the bugs don't get out of control we will be all set. 

Wes is filthy.  Like constantly dirty.  He has spent just about every waking moment outside this week.  Looks like I'm in for along summer! 

The girls spent one whole afternoon sunbathing on the front lawn (with a gallon of ice cream and 2 soda cans between them!)

Billy has been out on his bike, and he and Bill were tossing around a baseball after finishing up his Pine Wood derby car the other afternoon. 

Wes and I did a day trip to the Cabin.  Mom officially retired a week and a half ago, and we took advantage of the opportunity to join them up in Conway.  Wes and Pop played, and Mom and I did some outlet shopping.  I think I have full fall/winter wardrobes for both little boys for next year!  There were some serious deals to be had.  Wes and Poppie put their toes in the lake (and turned their feet red) and we swapped out the futon so it's ready for sleeping this summer!

The temps have all of his clients in a tizzy, so Bill has been crazy busy this week!  Really not much has progressed on the house.  We did a big Lowes run and got all the supplies for flooring in the boys room, hall and laundry.  Also the laundry shoot got cut down into the basement.  So, until we get going everyone has to carry dirty clothes and I'm sorting and stacking on the bathroom floor.  But, it won't be long now.  Trim and doors once the floor goes down and Wes will be ready to move.  The laundry counter and plumbing will come after that tile goes down.  Then, for all intents and purposes the downstairs will be fully functional for me!  The den has more work to go, and the bathroom will need to be switched from laundry to shower... but it's coming along! 

Warm weather has great motivational powers... now if I could only get everyone to come back inside and get to work!

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