Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rumble Tumble

Again, where does time go??  I swear I was just sitting in the waiting room... How is it that Jay turned 6??

 He had his "Rumble Tumble" party this weekend, and after talking it all up at Billy's party we wouldn't have missed it for the world!
 Em and Kurt rented out this cool play space.  This half was easier to photograph, but there was a whole climbing structure/play ground on the other side.  It was all covered in nets, and none of my shots came out well. 
 Billy and Savanna had such a good time, they played dodge ball and bounced on the trampoline in addition to climbing and sliding all over the place!  Wes got into it, but also kept racing back to the cars in the waiting room.  Sigh.
At just about an hours drive it's too far to go back to regularly.  I wish we had something like this closer.  I'm sure it would be a favorite for rainy days!  We had such a good time, and it was so fun to see Jay with his school friends.  What a big boy he is getting to be!  He was cracking Savanna up while hamming to his buddies.  He had the whole room in stitched over some little thing and that cracked Savy right up!  Happy birthday Jay- thanks for a super fun party!

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