Friday, March 23, 2012

Billy's Birthday

Last week we added another to the double digit club!  Billy turned 10 on the 12th, and I'm just now getting his pictures up!  I. suck.

Well, maybe since I managed to pull off a RAT themed birthday I get a pass?!  I sure do hope so!

On Tuesday he took a cookie pizza to class.  It went over well (Swedish fish = anchovy) except for Wes who cried when he realized the "pea-tz" was going to other children.  Thankfully Billy managed to bring home a slice.  
 Then, over the weekend we did his friend and family parties.  He wanted "rats" as his theme... so I pulled some Halloween decorations and scraped off a pretty decent display I think!  We used pictures of Sneezy as the invitation, and I printed off large ones to decorate the house with.  Add some small plastic rats here and there, and he seemed happy with the outcome!
 He had a small friend party (note to self, invite more than 6 kids next year... they never all come!) with an ice cream cake.  I think they played with Sneezy the whole time!
 Later that night we had his family party.  Bill was in rare form!

I swear this kid is growing up too fast!  It seems like only yesterday... sigh.  Welcome to the double digits Dude~


  1. Wow..a"10"...Happy BD Billy...Time is sure flying...Enjoy..Nanny

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