Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood derby was this weekend.  It's these annual events that really mark the passage of time for me!  I swear we just did this?!  How is it another year already??
 Our pack in town is really growing!  I think there were maybe 6 or 7 boys the first year we joined and we are well up over 20 now!  It's pretty cool to be a part of!  The "leaders" are all parents in our age group, and it is such a nice family oriented group.  They even let Wes race a few times before the official heats began!

Billy's car did well, but not well enough to advance.  Which, frankly is fine by us!  His first heat he came in 3rd- then he got first all the other runs... but, some of the cars went really fast, so it wasn't enough to make up that first loss.  Oh well.  Next year I'm sure there will be even more tweaking for his final car!  And, I think maybe Daddy will have to help build 2 cars... I'm not sure Wes will be willing to sit and watch another year!  How long until Tigers starts up?!


  1. Will make one comment on last posts, as I was delighted w/ the rush of good things,...Yes, you have come so far w/ your projects, and how proud you must be of Bill too....Happy snuggling too....Keep up the posts they are super....Love to all, Nanny

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