Friday, March 16, 2012

Goodbye Lake House

Now that Bill and Beth are back at the Farm full time, the Lake house on Horn Pond wasn't getting much use.  They decided to put it on the market, and this past week it sold!  When they got back from Florida the first goal became cleaning and clearing out!  We spent a few days this past weekend helping with the final push... getting the last of it out before the walk thru and closing.
 There were a few loads of the "big" stuff, and a few more of miscellaneous boxes from the basement and shed, but they had done a pretty good job of slowly making a trip here and there. 
I'm sure seeing the house go was bittersweet (and Billy in particular was pretty sad!) but I must admit, it is pretty nice having them just next door!

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  1. Looking good, and I know how anxious you are to have everything in working order....Is dear Wes getting excited abut all the new things..? Hope you are doing well. I am sure there are so many memories that relate to the Pond......change is hard, but we do get over it....Sounds like the weather is supposed to nice next week....Love to all, Nanny