Friday, March 16, 2012

Paint and other Progress

Well, the only other major update, besides paint is the drywall in the stairwell.  Bill got started on that, and it's pretty much walled in.  One wall in the den (under the stairs) is done too... well, I have some more mud and tape to do... Which, by the way has got to be the worst construction job of all!  Remind me never to do this again.  I'll hire it out in a heartbeat if we EVER do anything else... I hate mud, tape, sanding... the whole process is such a pain- a major mess and drags on forever!  Thankfully Mom and Dad pitched in, because I was beginning to think we would never get done with the boy's room/hall/laundry.
 The walls are certainly not profesional quality (Mom and Dad wanted another day to sand and skim) but I was so reaady to get color on the walls and feel the progress.  I'm sure once the rooms are filled you will never notice the bubbles and bobbles.  The Wednesday while Mom and Dad were here we primed.  I was just ready to move on.   
Then Bill had the day off yesterday, so between us we got busy!  The light is "off" in my pictures- it was pretty overcast... but the hall and laundry room are now a light grey (with some blue undertones)
 and the boy's a soft yellow.  Thankfully I like both colors, since somehow I messed up the math for square footage and have about double the paint we needed.  Guess the stairs and den will be grey and the upstairs bath... why yellow of course!
Last night as I did touch-ups Bill started to rehang the drop ceiling.  We need to order the flooring, I picked it out at Lowes... but they didn't have enough in stock to do this room.  Bill is starting to fret about money... but I'm hopeful we can get Wes in here before too long!
Now, what to task Mom with tomorrow... since she planned to paint!


  1. Looks great - and I love the colors! :)

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