Monday, March 5, 2012

And so it Goes On

Are you tired of construction updates yet?!  This is a big project... it's bigger and more complex than I thought- now that we are "into" it, I keep finding out there are more and more things that need to be done.  Or rather, Bill keeps pointing them out!  For example, I feel like the little boy's room is almost finished; then Bill reminds me we haven't started on the floor or ceiling.  Boo!

He does say we are about at the half way point...!  Yippe.  I feel like some of the larger tasks are done, so maybe the second half will go quicker?!  Well, this week progress will be slow as Bill has a pretty full week of shoeing.  We did get some more stuff done last week, with my Dad coming over twice and then we picked thru a bit more this weekend:

The largest change?!  The new stairs went in!

 Now we come down thru the old "pantry" and into the new "den!"
Poppie spent a few days pretty much exclusively doing mud.  Blech.  I sort of felt bad for him, but he said he didn't mind.  Its such a monotonous dirty job.  Ick. 
 As Daddy mudded Bill was building the stairs... once we had access to the basement, the spiral came out!

 Not having the stairs here opened up this corner of the livingroom.  It's space we have never had before, so a bonus to the remodel!  Bill's rolltop will move here once we get to that stage.  And, I'm happy to report the spiral has moved on to a new home... sold that sucker on craigslist and made some $$ for more supplies!
 With the new stairs came the problem of the door into the basement half.  For a few days we were walking thru the "utility" room and going thru the old door which now opens into the little boys room... it was sort of a hassle, and had us zigging and zagging all down there to get upstairs.
 And so, a hole was busted
 the new door opening cut out
and the door removed and patched in the little boy's room!


  1. I love construction blogs... so keep "em coming... the cool thing is when "we" aren't living with it, we can see all the changes that are happening magically before our eyes.... looks like this is going to work out really well with the space changes and such..... and how nice that it's a family project too... because you will certainly remember the days that "so and so did that or this"... yup, love it....

  2. Took all my words and sentiments, exactly....and how wonderful that Bill & your Dad are so talented, and seem to really well together....Just think how far you have come, and Spring will be coming, for you to enjoy it...Love ya, Nanny and Love to all...