Friday, March 2, 2012

In Like a Lion

March came in like a Lion for sure this year!  We had a pretty nice storm roll thru on Thursday... after a pretty mild and uneventful winter, it was nice to have a snow day from school and play a little!  Bill did insist on a bit of work in the house, but once the construction work was done we went out to enjoy the white stuff!
 We got about a foot of a really lovely snow, enough to get out on the sleds for a while! 

Billy, Wes and I tootled around in the woods for a while... I'm sort of a chicken, I really don't want to crash with the baby (s) on board, so I took it pretty slowly and we putzed along the trails a while.  I guess we sort of freaked Bill out since he didn't know where we had gone... and we were out there a while.  Oops!  It was a fun afternoon, and I'm glad we were able to get out, while snowmobiling isn't my "thing," it's so much fun for Bill and the kids.  I will admit that the snow has made my outside chores that much harder; I have enjoyed the mild winter... it's been so slick doing the barn chores.  I guess I'll take it though, since I know this late in the season it won't last long!


  1. That is so funny! Here we are clear across the country from you and we had the EXACT same thing! We finally had enough snow to take the kids sledding. Go figure it would happen in march. Just in time for me to get excited for spring coming up, Winter decides to arrive!

  2. I'm good w/ the snow fall, as you say it won't be here long...Wes is trying so hard to move that shovel, he is trying to help..Bless his Heart..Love to all, Nanny

  3. isn't it nice to have a little winter, just so we can do the "winter things" that we enjoy!!!!