Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Progress Update

I might be pushing harder for the Little Boy's room to get done than I am for other parts of the project... but I seriously think nesting is starting... I really want to line up all the little clothes in the new closets!  Also, it would be nice to sleep alone with Bill for even a little while... I almost can't stand the wait! 

Last week we picked out the flooring for the bedroom, a light pine laminate.  I think it looks great with the wall color- it's very light and airy for a basement bedroom!  It took Bill a bit to figure out the system, but once he had it down he said it went together really easily.  We shall see how well it hold up, but for now I'm very happy with it. 

 We did the boy's room and down the hall.  We will carry it into our room eventually, but for now just got enough for the "new" areas.
 Next the trim and doors need to go in, then I'll have to paint that all white... then it's "just" closet organizers and we can set up a bed... and hang up clothes!
 Speaking of closets... the upstairs 2 got worked on this week as well.  It's nice to have this space looking a little more finished!  We still need the trim and paint here too- but you can see where we are going.  The left is a coat closet, the right will be pantry.  I need to do glossy white on the shelves, then I'll be able to load them up!
Slowly but surely we will get this project done!  It's so nice to see some semblance of the "final" product... even if its just here and there... a lot is still left to be done... but we have come far already!

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  1. holy moly !! I can not wait to see this all in person !! Bill is on FIRE !!Looks awesome cindi