Monday, April 6, 2009

Vet Evaluation #1

I'm not one for prayers... but please, let my horse be sound again! Here are Beau and I on Wells beach in November... before all of this started. I hope to be back there again soon.

Today was his reevaluation. The vet came out despite our being the last client of the day (5:15pm) and torrential rain. I don't have a barn with a central aisle- so we were limited on space to look at him- his stall was going to have to's mud puddles pretty much everywhere else. She noted that my wraps looked good, and when we opened him up she did note some continued swelling- but no tenderness at all, which she said was great! She walked him in circles around the stall- no lameness noted. Then she flexed the hock and he was pretty reactive to that- there was a clear pain response... so she called to NEEC and spoke with his surgeon and asked if he wanted her to do x-rays- he said not to. Today was also his last dose of antibiotics...she wanted an opinion about his going off them too. The Dr. said for me to closely monitor the hock and to call if there is any change- but for now just to continue with 1gr bute daily and to go ahead and change the wrap once a day and cold hose for 20mins while it is off. He will go to the clinic for another evaluation Tuesday next week. So- some good, some bad and Ill have to watch carefully for any swelling/heat/tenderness or fever as we are now off the meds. I want to ride again, I so want this to be over... please!?

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  1. Well there were a lot more goods than bad!! I hope he can get better soon! I wonder why they didn't want to x-ray it? Did she give you a reason why?

    Congrats on your son making it to reginals. I don't think our troop is even worried about that. We were really just doing it for fun, because the kid who won had illegal wheels. Maybe next year.