Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I turned 30 on Saturday. My Mom made the cutest "herd" of cupcake ponies. She got the idea out of a book, which she gave me as one of my gifts... I think the name was "Hey Cupcake" but I'm too lazy to go up and look. She said she got it at Micheals- it has some great cupcake ideas! They were adorable, and tasty too! It's odd to say, or hear that I'm 30... it just sounds funny. I don't feel different, and I don't think 30 is old... but somehow its one of those milestone birthdays. It was really a day like any other- but we did host a nice family bar-b-que Sunday (which was my Dad's 60th)
It has been unseasonably hot these past few days. My daffodils are blooming, and the kids are psyched for the heat- we had to get out the fans for sleeping, and shorts and tank tops too! It has made hosing/walking a bit more of a chore... 90 degrees is a bit much for hours and hours of walking/standing. I'm not complaining though- it's better than rain and mud! The heat has brought out the black flies. I don't know if these little buggers exist in other parts of the country, but they drive me bonkers!

Yup, it's that time of year again! We went from winter blankets right into fly gear! In fact, Beau and Sonny wear blankets at night, and fly masks/sheets during the day! This weather is crazy- there is a cold front moving in now. It's dropping in temp and a wind has picked up. It should be back into the normal (50s and 60s) range tomorrow.

Beau is longing to go out. He heads back for another evaluation tomorrow, and I'm hopeful he will get cleared for a little turnout! He is dying to get out of his stall! He got away from me Sunday am, and ran all around the yard! The girls were hand grazing Squeeke and let her go as I yelled loose horse (they are all trained to get to a "safe" place when a horse gets loose) so she ran off too, and the two of them had a ball running for a few moments. He actually looked good- so even though the swelling hasn't gone down I'm hopeful that tomorrow will bring a new treatment plan that might include turnout and maybe some light riding! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Get the milestones behind you- get school out and scouts all done and the horsie all better... and I'd like to say do what you want during the day, lol, but with 3 chillins on summer vacation... ha!

  2. What I really wanted to say was... Hey! Cupcakes! It's coffee-o'clock and I have leftover cupcakes downstairs! Woo Hoo!!!

  3. Hopefully there is good news - let us know!

  4. Oh my goodness those cupcakes are adorable. Your mom did a great job!! And what a great idea!! Happy Birthday. I turn 30 next year, and I too just think that is old.....sigh........

    The weather here is just hot, muggy and wet. While I was cleaning stalls and swimming through the humidity, it started to rain. But just for a minute. It's so humid here, it's just wet outside. Oh, the joys of summer time. UHG!! It's 80 plus degrees today with super high humidity.

    I do hope Beau gets some turn out time clearance. I bet he will be so happy to be able to walk around on his own!