Thursday, April 23, 2009


This little pony certainly earned her keep today! I knew I loved her for a reason... After days of being pulled and run over by Beau on his "walks" I was at wits end. The Vets now want his walking increased to 20mins 4 times daily; and Beau has been fairly certain he can't manage that. In fact, yesterday, he couldn't even handle one step of walk... let alone 20 minutes of them. For the past few days he has been prancing and jigging and snorting and bolting and, well you get the idea. I can't "get after" him too terribly- he is careful not to get into my space, but he is by no means "quietly" walking. I feel badly for him- he just wants to move... walking is no longer cutting it. He is high, and looking for every opportunity to come out of his skin. I have been watching my once placid horse slowly come unglued. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself, or even by accident me. After basically ending in tears last night, I began to formulate a plan. I had a Girl Scout event today and had to get going early... so I just held on for the ride for his first treatment- then Bill did him mid-day and said he was high as a kite. This afternoon though... I put my plan into action. We took Squeeke with us! She lead very nicely off the right, and I just walked the two of them together! It was amazing what a difference she made. Five times up and back on the driveway- not even a snort out of the fire breathing horsie. He was great! Bill came along tonight, and we made quite a foursome I'm sure- two tired souls, one "hopped" up horse and one dirty palomino pony. With the company Beau was like a different horse (more like the one I bought!) calm and relaxed. Bless her- his little mare worked herself much deeper into my heart today. She's a keeper for sure...


  1. Alex... I check on you every day, and wished now that I HAD popped in on you on Tuesday!!! next time I will "listen" to that inner voice.... sounds like things are really progessing well, I feel badly for Beau, but even more so for his Mommy.... bless Squeek!!! they come into our lives for a reason.. and maybe this is one of hers!!!! keep us posted as best you can, we anxioiusly read each post......

  2. Sounds to me like things are going well if you keep out of his way! Guess the risk is that he will hurt himself going too fast out of the gate. Too bad you can't keep him in with Ms. S, and put Sunny with Poke... not so much competition for Beau to get all bothered?? glad you are feeling better, too...

  3. It's wonderful that he wants to run around! He must be feeling better!! And how sweet of your little mare to join in the walks. I am sure she enjoys it, being out with Beau. Fun for everyone! Maybe I should come over and do one of the 20 minute walks. I could used the exercise. What a work out program you have going there!