Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foot Day

Today was foot day at the farm... everyone got their hooves trimmed or shoes reset. Fheww. Despite having a farrier in the house, I had to call and pretend I was a client to actually get a date set! I have been after him since last week... today I called after he left this morning to see if I could "get an appointment" since I knew he was free this afternoon. I was leery of doing Beau- but his navicular needs careful management- so I didn't want to wait too much longer. We skipped his hind feet- we will hopefully be able to do those in a week or two. All the others did well with their trims- I was busy holding, so no it was freezing!


  1. I agree, that wind had a real bite to it yesterday, despite the sunshine, I got the woodstove running.... we have the sun, now where's the warmth??????

  2. isn't it funny how hard it is to get things done when it's with our husband's professions? My husband is an electrician and we have wires hanging out everywhere at our house. Sometimes when I call he'll answer the phone saying, "So and So Electric Company may I help you?" And I will start to rattle off all the things that need finished at our house!! LOL!!

    I am glad you got your horses feet all done!! We need to get ours done too!