Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feels like spring

My flowers are beginning to poke their heads up out of the soil. I am so happy to see some color and the new growth makes me so happy! I have suffered more from the winter dull-drums this year than ever in the past.
Watching the little bulbs make their way out of the leaves is one of my favorite springtime activities... Olivia cleaned off this patch- I have daffodils and tulips along the stone wall, and I walk each morning to monitor their growth. I can't wait for them to bloom. My Mom has daffodils in her yard, and they are one of my favorite flowers. This year more than ever I am anxious for their arrival. With them comes the passing of a rather long, difficult winter season.

It was beautiful out, and we were both home so Bill and I worked on some fencing projects today. I want to get the front "meadow" fenced in so that Beau can have a nice spot to recoup. I'd love for him to have a little recovery pen, but Bill wanted to enlarge the space to include the woods and connect to the existing lower paddock. It is not quite what I was planning on- logistically or work wise for the day, but it will be nice. Especially since I can turn them out from here by the house, instead of walking them out the driveway. And, they can access the water here and I wont have to worry about a trough out there. However, I wasn't too sure I wanted Beau to be able to get into any wooded areas just yet. Bill says I can't bubble wrap him... but I sure do wish I could try! I suppose I can run one line across the top of the field for his rehab...

His hock continues to slowly improve. I do think the swelling is still going down slow but sure. He is now 3 days off antibiotics, with no tenderness or fever return. He is certainly full of himself- he is about ready to jump out of his skin when I bring him out for hosing. Every little thing had him tensed right up. He bolted forward a few days ago, but I got him right back. Today I had dropped his lead and he managed to spook and get a few strides up the driveway to the fence line. He actually seemed to move well, so maybe I will hand walk him in the next day or two. I feel so bad for him, he is well over the 4 week mark for stall rest, and I can tell he would love the chance to move about. Spring is certainly in the air, and I know he would love to be out enjoying it! We shall see... he goes back in on Tuesday- for both our sakes, I hope I get the go ahead for some light work...

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