Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Post for Sue H.

What is this you might ask?!

Humm. We love Squeekers very much, and part of what initially drew me to her, is that she is like a miniature Sonny. I know I've commented on it here before- and posted pictures of them together. They have really strikingly similar colors. Well. Until this week that is!

Squeeke is shedding out to be a rich dark shade of Palomino... almost a sorrel color... The girls and I have been joking that she is going from a mini Sonny to a mini Beau! Ill get better pictures when the sun is really shining on her- but she is in what Cindi calls "peek-a-boo Palomino" phase. She has patches here and there where summer coat is coming thru, and it's so fun watching to see what color she is going to be!

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  1. Oh what fun!! Those palominos!! They sure do change a lot when they shed their winter coats. We have two of them that look almost white in the winter and then shed out to be a really pretty golden!! Happy Shedding and I can't wait to see what color she turns out to be!