Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am by no means a particularly religious person, but I do know that the religious origins of this holiday have a lot to do with hope. In my celebration on this Sunday- I try to keep that in mind... and keep jelly beans in my hands.

Hope. It's a great thing to celebrate- at the end of a particularly dark and grey winter, I am looking for things to be hopeful for. I am having to constantly remind myself to live in the moment and not get to stressed about things I can not control. Watching the kids run around at our annual egg hunt did wonder for that. Oh, and eating jelly beans helps too.
For as long as I have lived here, we have hosted an egg hunt at Easter. I have so much fun hiding the eggs and candies and watching the kids scatter over the yards looking for them! We hide plastic candy filled eggs and dyed eggs and I "plant" lollipops in the grass. This year we also did stuffed animal critters about the yard too- it was a big hit! The kids look forward to it, and I have such fun hiding and walking along as they hunt and fill up their baskets
Instead of going upstairs to fret over all the Easter grass on my carpet or the dishes and leftovers in the kitchen or worry about Beau and his bills I'm going to stay right here- put the Easter pictures on slide show and keep hope in my heart. And eat some more jelly beans.

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  1. It was a lovely day! I think of Spring and Easter and the Spring Equinox as reminders that it has all happened before, and all comes around again- the beginning of the cycle of life. Eggs, flowers,jelly beans. Wait, not sure how the jelly beans fit in!