Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Laying Down on the Job

I think both Sonny and Squeeke are taking the job of "babysitting" Beau very seriously. Sonny in particular hangs by the door most of the day. He will periodically wander off, and Squeeke always heads right on over for her "shift." But, I have found both of them asleep on the job these past 2 days. Squeeke was out in the mud yesterday- enjoying the afternoon sun... and this morning, there was Sonny napping too! Of course, I ran right over with an "oh no, here we go again" feeling... but I watched him carefully and he passed manure and was munching hay without any sign of distress. He drank and I can see him from the window, so I don't think we are going to have another colic episode, but it did cross my mind. Silly ponies- I guess its good to finally have real ground to lay on, not just ice and snow. And taking care of Beau must be really hard work- I guess they have to rest when they can!

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