Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Basement remodel

For those of you who have followed a while, we "finished" one end of the daylight basement a few years back.  We dedicated a space for my "stamp studio" and gained the extra bedroom space.  Well, we are at it again!  This time I had to give up space though... my stamp room is no more...

Since just after Christmas I've been slowly (but steadily) clearing out the "office" which was a catch all (and our main downstairs closet) and my craft space.  Now, pretty much all of the stuff has been removed.  A lot went into storage in the attic, but I did a major purge as well.  An entire Envoy full went to Goodwill (every seat but mine and Wes' was stuffed!  I couldn't see out any widow other than mine and the windshield!) and I've taken a few loads to our drop off at the dump too.  I was sort of sad to see my craft stuff boxed up, but honestly I just don't have time right now for stamping... and we really do need more living space! 

The plan is to remove the spiral staircase, and add a staircase into the old kitchen pantry/closet.  You will go down into the front half of the current garage which will become a "den" and then turn backwards towards our room and come back into the "basement" passing by the bedroom we will add a bathroom and then where the spiral and office are now we will add a second bedroom.  This will allow Wes and the new baby a room, and Bill and I can go back to only sharing with each other!  I'm really looking forward to having dedicated "little" kid space (and getting toys out of my living room!) and a bathroom I don't have to climb two stories to get to!  It took a while to get here- I know it's going to be a lot of time and money, but it will be so worth it in the end. 

I'm happy that the "big" kids can all keep their rooms- I wasn't too excited about asking any of them to share with a little kid (or 2!)... I think the disruption of a new baby will be enough for everyone!  So, check back for updates as construction begins.


  1. What a plan, and I am sure it will work quite well for all of you...Such a wonderful family, and great that everything is moving along...Time sure flies...Miss you, Love, Nanny

  2. So good to take before pictures! I can't wait for a new bedroom to decorate!!

  3. wow wow wow you have been a very busy alex!!! I cant wait to see the changes keep the pictures coming !! cindi