Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Big News

Bill and I are happy to report that the Houston clan will once more be growing by one... we expect a new baby in late June or early July! 

My due date is July 3rd, so that makes us just shy of 17 weeks along.  I will have another section, and it will likely be scheduled for the end of June once I hit 39 weeks.  For now everyone is happy and excited.  I'm not so sure that Wes is going to make a great big Brother at first.  Sharing me with baby Nic is hard... it foreshadows some trauma for me.  We will work on talking about it, and preparing him as best we can...  we shall see.  Maybe he will surprise me!  The older kids just found out last week, and I think they are all happy... at least they say so!  Obviously a new baby is change for everyone, but they seem excited!  Savanna really wants a girl, but Olivia and Billy think another to add to our "cluster" of baby boys would be good.  We will be thrilled with healthy either way! 

The pregnancy started off rough for me.  Things happened a lot faster than I anticipated and I found myself sort of shocked and sick all of a sudden!  I was so terribly ill... it made for a very unhappy fall and early winter.  For 8-10 weeks I was sick all the time.  I am shocked the kids never suspected.  For a month or so I barely got off the couch!  I did 1 "big" thing a day (M-W-F cleaned the big barn) and then that was all I could muster.  I threw up 4 or 5 times a day at some points.  It was really awful and so different from Wes' pregnancy.  I guess I was better than I thought at hiding it, since the big kids never knew.  I managed to ride in the final hunts and limp through the holidays, but boy was it rough.  I'm so much better now, and only mildly queasy now and then.  Fheww. 

We have a few more weeks and then will have another ultra sound.  I will be glad to know the gender, I am in major shopping mode, but I "won't" let myself buy anything until we know.  So, for now I torture myself and widow shop!  I am so excited, Wes seems like such a big kid all of a sudden... a new baby will be so fun!  The new one and Krista and Brad's baby will be 4ish months apart, it will be so fun to have them grow up along side one another! 


  1. Congratulations!!! What fantastic news!!! :) I think Wes will be a great older brother :) So happy to h ear you are feeling better - that sounds like a really rough go of the first trimester - but thankfully you are done with that bit. Lots of love and hugs to you all.

  2. Alex!! This is wonderful!!! I am so happy for you all!!
    I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all the sickness. My pregnancy with Madison was like that and I can completely sympathize. I'm so glad you are feeling better now. Hopefully from here on out it will be smooth sailing.
    This just made my day :) Congratulations again. Can't wait to hear what the gender is!

  3. So excited to hear your wonderful news, but so sorry you had such a rough time, and thankful you are feeling better.....such excitement in the Houston house, and such a Blessing. Take time to take care of yourself, as you mean so much to so many...Congrats to you & Bill especially, and to those super children...Love to all, Nanny

  4. ALEX!!!!! what wonderful news!!! huge contrags to you and Bill, and the whole family.... I have no doubt that Wes will be a great big brother, you wait and see.... just so excited for you all....

  5. Terrific news Alex. Congratulations to all. Sorry you had such a rough time and let's hope it is plain sailing from here. With love, Alison and all the Palmers