Friday, January 6, 2012

And Then There Was One

Billy is learning the hard lesson of pet ownership today.  There has been much wailing, many tears shed and he is down to one rat.  Sadly, one of my fears for rat ownership has come true.  Last night, "Science" (or "Twizzler") the lighter grey rat on the left was "gotten" by one of the cats.  To make matters worse, the cage door seems to have been left latched open.  Now, I had worried about our cats (Peanut in particular is a good huntress) but after all his research he was convinced they could coexist.  I guess, we all knew it is was a possibility but it hasn't made it any easier for anyone!  Billy had/has been very responsible, he knew what he needed to do to care for his critters.  This is partially why we agreed to the gift in the first place... so I know this was a genuine accident.  He is nine, and painfully self aware... he messed up.  It has been a long hard day (and a tearful night as he awoke to the incident in his room) its been very difficult watching him go thru this.  I kept him home, he would have been useless at school; he was really a wreck.  He is sad to have lost a beloved pet, and terribly upset at himself.  Guilt in a young boy is a miserable thing!  He is sure that he has learned a "life lesson he won't ever forget!" and poor "Science" won't be forgotten either~ He is trying to focus on "Sneezy" and working thru the loss, sadness and guilt.  I'm trying to focus on him; helping as best I can... reminding him that "no, it wouldn't have been better just to have gotten toys on Christmas."  Sigh.  What a way to rip a Mama's heart to bits...

Also, bless his heart Bill dealt with the poor creature, and took care of all the midnight wailing... the girls got little sleep, but Wes and I cozy in the basement were spared the brunt of it all!      


  1. Poor little guy. It's hard losing our beloved pets. Especially in such a tragic way. It's sure a good thing he's got a good mama to show him the support he needs right now. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. oh Alex, I'm not sure "who" I feel sadder for... Billy or you... just sending all my best wishes your way........

  3. Such a hard lesson, and my heart aches, and brings back memories...Our son Mark (now 48) was about the same age, when he left the bunny cage open...need I say more? Poor Billy........and especially you & Bill....RIP Science...