Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Rough Week for Billy

Sunday night Billy told me his eye was hurting, and it was pretty red... I told him we would see what it was like in the morning.  Well, time to get ready for school on Monday and it was "gooped" shut and totally bloodshot and his face around it was red and sore looking too.  So, we ran right down to the clinic and had him checked out.  I was pretty sure it was pink eye... and yup, sure enough they took one look and said I was right.  So, no school yesterday... then this am he comes down and says "we forgot to do my other eye..." Well, we didn't treat the unaffected eye.  I guess that was a bad decision since the left eye was glued shut this morning, and he is home for another day!  Drops and hand washing, new pillow cases... sigh.  Thankfully he isn't *sick* so has been pretty helpful, but man oh man... what a week for this poor guy!


  1. ......OH Billy, so sorry to hear about your eyes...hoping they get better real soon.xoxo

  2. Poor Billy. Almost like his eyes 'got sick' after what they saw Friday night... This is a cute photo, though, of him reading to Wes.