Thursday, February 16, 2012

Construction update

Bill continued to work last week, and over the weekend; then Dad came for another work day yesterday, so I figured we were due for an update (and Mom asked!)
 The closets in the little boy's room got framed in, and insulated.  They will each has a closet, and the closets will flank a small section of open shelves for storing toys etc.
 The door into/out of the room also got framed in, and all the wiring is in place for lights and electrical outlets.
 The laundry room got it's framing and electrical wiring done too.  Also, the closet in our room got framed and dry walled, that's the wall to the right in the door.  We have the layout for the laundry; a sink and some counter space along with my washer and drier.
 Here is looking from the laundry room door back into the little boy's room.  Their door is at the end of the hall.
Here is my tiny bedroom closet all framed and drywalled.  We still have to mud and tape, but it will be nice to have some more storage space!

Dad and Bill will work again today, they have more drywall and I suspect they will start the large closet up here that will replace the "pantry" closet I'm loosing.  They also will hopefully finish clearing out the garage, a big chore they began yesterday.  Yup, some women get diamonds, flowers or chocolates for Valentines... me I get construction projects! 


  1. lol, maybe I am dense, but I am not able to see the shots and understand the boys;s my spacial incapabilities. Maybe I can get Dad to stop there tomorrow so I can see.

    It is not too soon to tell me if it will be a 'cars', an'muls, or just a color bedroom. I need to dream up things to make!

  2. Oh wow, so much progress....Looking good.....Miss you all, Nanny

  3. Amazing Alex - that is really incredible progress in no time! :)