Monday, February 6, 2012

Simple Gifts

I don't know what good I put out into the Universe, but I got one great Mommy gift today...

Westley slept thru an entire "large" grocery run!!

back story:
We were up late watching the Superbowl with Auntie and Uncle, and Wes went to bed well after his usual time.  He slept sort of fitfully and then was up at his usual time (6:30am) Swim lessons kicked his keester, and he fell asleep pretty much right when we got into the car.  I did the OakWoods horses, and drove to Rochester... an hour he had been asleep, so I loaded him into the cart for our "big" shopping trip.  As I started to push him up the first aisle, his eyes were fluttering... I asked him if he wanted to lay down on Mommy's coat and he said "ess" so I balled my coat and tucked it around him and over the front of the cart.  He layed his little head right down and slept the whole way round the store!  It was so nice to shop with out the distraction (although I got stopped by just about every other person- commenting on how cute/tired/lucky he was!) I managed to get everything we needed and he just kept on sleeping!  It wasn't until we were loading into the car that he work up suddenly aware that he had missed his opportunity for a "treat!" (normally he gets to pick one junk type thing if he behaves in the store) Thankful of my "gift" I had picked out Thomas gummies for him!  Lucky Boy, Lucky Mama!!


  1. Oh, how precious..".Bless His Heart..."...he looks so peaceful...Love to all....Nanny

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