Thursday, February 9, 2012

Construction Day 1

The project begins!
Dad and Bill got started on the basement today.  I think they made great progress, and along the way some of the plans got changed.  The "office" space came down- all of the shelves and such were removed and the wall cut apart, the door came out along with the ceiling tiles
 The "office" wall slid over, making my new laundry room.  This was originally planned to be a bathroom, but my Dad convinced Bill it would be more cost effective and a better use of space to move the laundry down here, and put in a shower/tub in the 1st floor bath. 

 I'm sad I don't get a "new" bathroom, but we will still gain the second shower (upstairs where the washer and drier are now, and much easier to plumb above grade) and I will be happier doing laundry in a dedicated laundry space, and not on the bathroom floor!  Bill will run my laundry shoot all the way down here, and I'll have much more space to sort and fold.  We will have a big laundry sink and a linen closet in here too, so it will be a nice addition to our living space.  As he points out, our laundry situation is only getting worse!  More kids, more laundry!  The main floor bath will get a tub and shower, saving $$ since the sink and toilet are already there.  Hopefully we can rework the storage in there, and make a more efficient linen/medicine closet, and although I'll still have to come upstairs, it will only be one flight to shower!   
This will be the "little boys" room, this back wall will have 2 closets and some open shelves.  Where the spiral is now we will have a set of bunk beds, and this will be mostly a play space for my little guys!  With the den and their toys and the laundry down here, I suspect we will spend a fair amount of time down here come next winter! 

There is still a TON of work that needs doing, and the cleaning out of the garage hasn't even been started... so I know this will be a long process, but I'm happy to see some work getting done.  And, I don't think it will take me too long to get over my sadness over the bathroom situation... I may be slightly "sour" with Poppie for a while though ;) 


  1. I am sad for you too, about the bathroom...but I have been through putting a bathroom in the basement after we finished the rooms down there 35 yrs. ago, when we lived in Windham, N.H....But it was worth it, and increased the value of the house, when we sold it...

  2. I am happy for you to get a real laundry room, and face it, you do more laundry than showering. When the baby is born, you won't need to pee in the middle of the night, lol, but with an awake baby you can pop into the laundry room, turn the dryer on, put the baby on a changing pad on the dryer... you'll just need a nice chair and some magazines in there and you will be all set! PS: I made Kaleb a blog linked to mine and now I show up as Kaleb, lol.

  3. HEY ALEX.. so happy to be reading the blogs and seeing all thats going on with you and yours.. another littel boy, how grand!!! the work looks great!!! keep us posted as best you can.. (busy mom) .. I so enjoy reading all the progress....