Monday, February 27, 2012

Billy's Comings and Goings

As the winter slowly marches along Billy has been busy!  It took me a while to get pictures off Bill's phone... We had double booked weekends a few times and they did Dad/Son and I missed out... I often do the girl's things when there is a choice... but I wanted to keep up with his activities here too! 

 A few weekend back he and I went to the PTO's Mother/Son glow bowl.  It was fun to just hang out and knock some pins.  The other Mom/Son we were on the lane with didn't do a perfect job of score keeping... but despite their errors he won one, and I won one! We had a nice lunch of pizza and soda and he played a few arcade games.  It is fun to get out one on one with the kids, and this event made it easy! 
After messing up the fall concert, I was super excited for this winter one!  It was a full evening affair (the one we missed was a quick show during the school day) and since my Dad had been here working that day, he went along as well.  Billy played his pad and also had a chance to do the big bass drum too. 
He played a duet with another drummer, and they were great!  He doesn't practice very often (and I assume that as Savanna learned it will catch up with him once he joins the bigger district band) but they sounded great!  The band as a whole actually sounded pretty good... not as squeaky and screechy as they could have been!
 Scouts has kept him busy as well.  He and Bill went to the Klondike derby a few weeks back.  Bill was happy to go- he remembers going as a Scout himself.  It's a fun event where the boys act as sled dogs, and pull a sled from "town" to "town."  At each station they have tasks to perform.  There was enough snow to make the day fun, but not too much to make it terribly difficult for the team to pull. 
 Bill ended up cold, but Billy spent the day moving around so much he was fine and had a great time!  I love all the outdoors activity Cub Scouts offers.
Our pack had it's Blue and Gold banquet (which I also missed!) and Billy got a number of awards.  He is well on his way to earning his Weblos! 
So, while I may be slow to get his pictures posted... Billy is as busy as the rest of us!


  1. Billy is sure holding his own and must be proud..

  2. BIlly you are drumming? wow how did i miss that! You are becoming such a man !

  3. Wow! He's been busy!! Looks like so much fun. Way to go buddy!

  4. His cousin James, from Utah, was super excited to see that Billy liked playing drums also. James is a percussionist for his high school band and he is quite passionate about it. Stick with it Billy and one day when you make it out this way you two can play a duet together.