Monday, February 6, 2012


While we are waiting on our speech therapy evaluation we constantly have to work at translating Wes's words.  I the past few weeks had been asking for "may-or" quite a bit... it was generally int he living room and centered around the television... but beyond that I had no idea what he wanted... .  After asking him to help me understand one afternoon he stomped around the living room, then sat down showing me the bottoms of his feet over and over.  I was stumped.  I had NO idea.  Then, a few days later he was repeating it over and over again pointing at the refrigerator.  Sigh.  Then I realized he wanted a paper that was up there... a card Jayson made for Olivia... one decorated with Cars stickers... and I finally realized he wanted Mater!  Tow- Mater

I have no idea what the stomping was all about, or how he knew about the Mater movie but he sure was glad when we found that CD at Walmart one morning!  However, on the very first viewing something got into him; he stopped the player and jammed the disk into the machine.
 Bill was none too happy, since this is not the first time Wes had put disks into the player.  He typically slides them into the crack of the "door" though, and its very easy to get them out.  This time is was running, and he had the tray opened.  So, when it jammed it jammed!  It took Bill 2 tries to get it out, and the first time he gave up he said it was no use.  He cooled off, thought some more about how to tackle the situation and then was able to get it unstuck.  He was pretty annoyed and Wes was told he would get a "spank" if he messed with disks again. 
I'm pretty sure it was a one time thing though, as May-or is his new morning routine.  We watch it pretty much every day! 

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  1. How cute that boy is! Trying to show you his toes, no doubt!!