Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy Weekend

I was busy this weekend, but it was a good kid of busy since both girls had "events" and as much as I would sometimes rather stay in my pjs all day, it is nice to be able to watch them do the things they love so much!

Sav had another cheer competiton.  This week was tough for them... at thursday nights practice a team mate broke her finger.  It was difficult for the team as she has an important tumble pass and is also a base for one of the stunt groups...  with no time, the team pulled together and were able to add a bit here and there, but there was no way to rework the entire routine in such a short time frame. 
 The competition was fierce, with 7 teams in their division.  A few of the other teams were really amazing!  It would have been interesting to see how Noble would have faired if they had been able to give them the full show!

Needless to say, their streak is broken.  They came in 3rd, which I think is still great given they had one stunt group that just stood, and were missing a back handspring... Anyway, the girls were all very gracious, and the team member with the injury was there, so they felt good about how it all went down.  I'm not sure what Coach Shannon will do for this week, but no matter what happens, I know I was very proud of our team! 
 Sunday took us in the other direction as Liv and I went to Mass for her final IEA show of the season.
 She rode this cute pony with a crazy forelock and took some lumps for the day.  She needed to get a 3rd place finish to get the points to qualify for regionals.  Never having been a points chaser, I think maybe some of the pressure got to her!  She says she was focused on not letting him get too close to the others (as kicking could have been a problem) but in all of that she forgot how to ride!  He needed a lot of leg to keep him going, and that shouldn't have been an issue for Olivia... but it was a sticky spot for them for some reason!
 She lost her canter, and even had to bump him back when he tried to walk... once they changed directions she got the canter much better but missed a cue from the judge and walked instead of trotted... Oh well.  You win some, you loose some.  And I was proud of her for saying it wasn't the pony's fault... she could have ridden him better.  It's sad that she didn't make regionals... but I'm proud of her anyhow!  She had a great season, and has made such progress in her riding.  She placed 6th in the class, so it was nice to get a ribbon... but not enough points to qualify her.
There is always next year~

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  1. Gosh, a letdown for both of them- I'm sorry about that!