Sunday, June 26, 2011

Senator Bell Show

alternately titled: 5 1sts!

Olivia has been doing great working with the trainer's at Grey Stone, and Grandma decided she was ready to go to a "big" show or two this Summer~ so the lucky girl showed at Senator Bell this Saturday!

She went with Deanna, and rode Cello- it was forecasted to be a cool rainy day but the weather was just perfect for Liv- no real danger of overheating and dehydration! Cello was amazing- he took such good care of Olivia and she got some great experience. He is a really nice horse- a great mover, safe and sane and has a great personality. He has the same sire as Lily and Cutter too- which is funny... what a small world huh!
She rode in the long stirrup divisions, and cleaned house! They won 1st in everything they did!! She did her first class over fences ever, and was great- wound up with 5 blues, 3 leather bound photo albums and a $20 cash prize to boot! Of course my camera battery died, so I didn't get any pictures of her jumping... hopefully I'll get some next time. She learned a bit about ring etiquette, and how to maneuver in a big class- it's tough to watch spacing and since Cello is a big mover she really needed to watch out for other riders!

I think Grandma might have had as much fun watching Olivia as Liv did riding! I am really thankful and appreciative for her lessons and the great opportunity she is getting. I know I wish when I was learning to ride that I had an opportunity to ride really nice horses, and feel what a well trained mount can be like!

Hopefully she will make it to another larger show- we are having some trouble nailing down a date that will work for all of us, but I know the day was great for her- we are so proud of how far she has come, and it was fun to watch her having such a great time!


  1. Wow! Go Liv Go!! Fanstastic!! Any chance of getting Bagira back, lol??? Can we do 6 footers next week??? Let's get that Hanaverian fired up!!!!