Sunday, June 19, 2011

Storyland 6-18

While Bill and Dad worked to try to get water at the cabin, Mom and I took the kids to Story Land! Billy and Em's boys have all been a few times already this season, but for Wes and the Girls and I, this was our inaugural trip!

Liv's pal Emily came with us to Conway for the night and it was fun to have another "big" kid along! Although- Billy is now tall enough to be a "responsible guest" meaning he can ride all the rides alone, and bring a "little" kid with him!
It's great for Jayson, since Kaleb isn't really a ride rider- so Billy and Jayson buddy up and go on all the rides!

I think the kids had fun, it was a nice day and the lines were not too bad. Wes had a great time- he was shrieking and running around in the front section- he loved all the little houses and such (but was scared of the talking tree!)

There were a few rides he could go on, and he enjoyed them too. Mostly he had fun in the balls and watching the big kids and all the commotion.

Mom says that paying for season passes so she can see the kids have fun is probably just about as enjoyable for her as going and riding is for the kids!

We need to make sure we get back up there soon! Hopefully it won't be too long before the water gets finished- even though the men had a set back with the "well." It was so much fun- I think we will be back up there soon!

Just a few more days of school and then we will be free to do whatever we want~

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  1. That little place looks like fun. I wish we had something like that close to us!