Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wood and the Start of Walls

Last weekend Dad and Bill made more progress!

We started off the morning at Home Depot... Bill is making fun of my windows. He says I picked ones way too small... but they are cute, they open easily, will allow for some ventilation and seem like they will be a breeze to clean. And most importantly they were in budget! Ten windows was quite a purchase, and I'm glad I went with the ones that only cost an arm, not a leg!
With everyone working we were able to get the "step" stalls all framed in, and ready for interior walls. It is fun to see the layout, and know what each stall feels like!

The "tops" of all the stalls will be grill work that Bill will weld up. That will be another big project. I have accepted that the metal bars and the doors will have to come later- we are running out of money (ok- we RAN out of money!) and purchases will have to come much slower now... especially with hay coming in this week! But, there will be plenty to do yet- as Oak Woods delivered our lumber!

From the stack of trees they took to this- a delivery of rough cut boards! There were 2 truck fulls, which was quite a bit to sort and stack! They did 1" and 2" as per Bills request, so we will hopefully have enough for kick walls, the rest of the stall walls, and the floor in the tack/grain room!

I think it is really neat that although we had to "loose" trees for this project- they will sort of still be here- in the form of all this wood!

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