Thursday, June 16, 2011

Principals Award

Last evening was "Promotion Night" for Savanna and her 5th grade class. Here in our little town we are part of a school district. Which means, that after this year she is funneled into a much bigger 6th grade school with kids from 2 other towns. A big move into the large group that will become their high school class- it's bitter sweet! I hate to "loose" her into the larger system; but she is excited and thinks it will be so much fun! She will have a locker and all..... It was a nice evening, with a slide show of the kids growing up, a song by Kate's Grandpa, and then the presentation of certificates. After all the kids had "graduated" they announced 2 other awards. The teachers and principal had seleceted 2 students who showed merit above and beyond. And guess which girl got the award?! Yup, Savy~ Principal's award winner! She got a nice certificate and a $200 savings bond towards college!

We are so proud of her- she really is a great kid! She is a good student, and a good friend and it was nice to have her recognized for being stellar!

And, to boot- the other winner was Brandon- a kid I have "loved" from the very beginning of these kids' school adventures! So, congrats to Savanna (and Brandon too!) and good luck at the Knowlton School! Oh- and by the way... you still have another week left in 5th Grade, don't forget!

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