Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walls and Shoes

This past weekend Dad was able to come by for another work day on the barn. The main focus for the "crew" was getting up the sheathing. The walls needed the framing to support these pieces, then the outside of the walls started to go up!

The kids were a big help, between hauling brush, rocks and wood they did a lot! Bill and Dad of course were working full steam all day; but I also was able to be useful! I tend to end up getting things, hauling things, making lunch and tending kids. But, this time I got a power tool!

I didn't get a good shot at the end of the day, but here you get the idea- once the stall walls go up, you wont be able to see this but its the inside of the outside of the barn! The window holes will need to be cut, and the ends of the aisles are still wide open, but for all intents and purposes it is enclosed! we have a roof and walls! Yipee!

And... Bill was able to shoe in the aisle! It was so nice to have a flat, level space for working. Out of the sun, under cover and cross ties!! Yahoooooo~

I know Bill feels like there is still so much to do, but all I see is progress. It was so nice that he was able to work in the barn, I think it gave him a sense of what all the work is for, I am very grateful for my new space... and I can't wait to have it all done!

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