Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fire on the Farm

On Thursday we had a thunderstorm pass thru... it certainly wasn't the nastiest storm we have had, but it did create some decent excitement! The hail damaged a few plants in the garden, and, Grandma and Grandpa had a lightning strike down by their pond!

Grandma and Auntie and Baby Nick had taken Olivia to her riding lesson. They were there when the storm started and drove home thru to bulk of it. When the come up the road Olivia noticed "smoke." Auntie tried to tell her it was mist off the pond, but Liv insisted it was fire. Turned out she was right!
A big tree down by the pond got a direct strike, and since it was an older dying tree it caught on fire! It was quite exciting for our neighborhood- the forestry truck, and an ambulance responded with the police too! The firefighters used the tanker to put it out, but then it ignited again later in the evening. It made a pretty good spectacle in the dark! Grandpa was in his element "directing" the firefighters and all! The main limb that burned fell, and the fire was put out for good. Honestly, I was glad it was on the other side of the road even though no real harm done. Recently a barn in a nearby town burned, it is a total loss- and my worst nightmare! No animals were lost, but major damage and a pretty crushing blow to somebody's dream... Thankfully this was nothing like their situation; but what an exciting way to end out the week!

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