Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jay's Graduation

Friday was Jayson's Preschool Graduation. Wes and I went to watch Jay get his "diploma!" It was a cute little event, with some songs and cookies and lemonade! I made a card for the Graduate- and felt pretty smug with myself. You see, A few times now Jayson has told me his name is really Kayson... and being the good Auntie I recalled this info and incorporated it into my card. I felt pretty cool- I made a flap to lift, so the card said Congrats Jayson or Kayson. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, stuffed $5 crisp dollars into it and waited to see his happy face when he saw that I knew his "real" name! Well, wouldn't you know he ripped that card right open, looked at the front, turned to me and said "But my name is JAKE!" Burst my bubble. Sigh. Five year olds....!
Congratulations Jayson or Kayson or Jake... whomever you are, we are very proud of you and know you will have so much fun in kindergarten next year!

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